• Kristan Johnson-Thomas wrote on Teresa Hoercher's Wall 1 year, 2 months ago

    @teresahoercher Whoa…I think I may need to quit with you bringing in that many steps 🙁 Maybe you should come over to the dark side next year and join our team!!

    • OMG… can I just say that clearly I am not the Math Specialist. YIKE – that pesty (0) hung on!!! Hmmmmm… wonder if ANYONE thought I really did 93, 000 steps. Too funny!!!

    • I’ll tell you what…I didn’t immediately dismiss it! lol The numbers I am seeing come in for some of our competitors are insane!! I thought I was making a strong effort but I might be out of my league this year!! I need to STEP it up that’s for sure. Regardless of the 0 mix up, you are still one of our top competitors!!