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Jeanne Shaw

Points Overview

NOTE: All calorie counts are estimates only.

    Total Points
Steps 0 steps (0.00 miles) 0.00
Exercise 13,594 calories burned 388.40
Weight Loss Not Available
  Points: 388.40


Steps Overview

Points and miles are rounded up. Miles are estimated at 2,000 steps per mile.
Final points my be off slightly because of rounding.

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Exercise Overview

NOTE: All calorie counts are estimates only.

03-15-2017Snow Shoveling603339.51
03-19-2017Spinning Class901,39939.97
03-26-2017Spinning Class901,39939.97
03-29-2017Weight Lifting15982.80
03-29-2017Spinning Class4570020.00
03-31-2017Weight Lifting301955.57
04-01-2017Weight Lifting301955.57
04-02-2017Spinning Class901,39939.97
04-11-2017Weight Lifting301955.57
04-12-2017Spinning Class6093326.66
04-13-2017Weight Lifting301955.57
04-14-2017Spinning Class6093326.66
04-23-2017Spinning Class901,39939.97
05-02-2017Spinning Class4570020.00
05-07-2017Spinning Class6093326.66
05-09-2017Spinning Class4570020.00
TOTALS:   1,08013,594388.40